September 23, 2022
Video Technology Helps Care for Seniors Living Alone

An integrated care facility for the elderly is using video technology to care for residents in a non-invasive manner.


How Video Technology Helps The Elderly

Monitoring medical emergencies for seniors who live alone

The population of Singapore is aging and The Centre for Ageing Research and Education projects that 83,000 elderly people will be living alone in Singapore by 2030.

Falls account for 40 percent of injury-related deaths in Singapore, with one in three people aged 65 years and older having at least one fall within a year.

Privacy-sensitive monitoring

The care facility for the aged, caters to vulnerable elderly people who live alone in the precinct of Ang Mo Kio. It currently provides free daytime care to this group.

As a pilot, the facility has set up two cameras and a sound sensor in the homes of elderly residents. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and sound analytics software embedded in the system detect falls or other signs of distress. This triggers an alarm.

The system uses privacy-masking solutions to ensure that residents’ personal privacy is respected. For example, it uses silhouettes instead of actual images of people.

The solution was set up by Milestone Systems, together with AI company Senturian Solutions, and Canon.

Artificial Intelligence to assist caregivers

The video feed from the solution helps volunteer caregivers from a resident community club to assist in continuing to live an independent life. The system triggers an alarm when a fall or signs of distress are detected. When the alarm is triggered, caregivers provide medical assistance or notify the appropriate emergency services. Similar technology is expected to be used in other parts of Singapore to aid the elderly.

The hope is that this pilot will lead to better ways to care for seniors in the future.

This article was based on an original article in the Straits Times, March 2, 2021

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