October 6, 2022
Software Defined Camera Powered by AI Chip

What Is a Software-Defined Camera?

The video security industry has entered the intelligent era. Cameras have evolved from offering mere visibility — today, they provide multi-dimensional, intelligent awareness, where images are understandable and analysable, and trends are foreseeable.

The software used in traditional cameras is coupled with the hardware, severely limiting their application. Conversely, HOLOWITS’s innovative Software-Defined Camera (SDC) — supported by advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) chips, an open-ended Operating System (OS), and a future-proof ecosystem — decouple intelligent algorithms from hardware, in turn supporting the continuous, nearly instantaneous online upgrade of algorithms and self-learning. This enables the sustainable development of algorithms throughout the hardware lifecycle, requiring just a one-time hardware investment.

HOLOWITS SDC adopts an open-ended software architecture that can integrate more advanced algorithms from ecosystem partners, achieving inclusive AI. Additionally, an open hardware architecture allows — indeed, even encourages — connections to various third-party sensors, helping to create additional social and business value for customers in diverse sectors.

To adapt to varied security demands and process massive amounts of information and data, AI-based computing power has become an important basis for intelligent video products. Quite simply, HOLOWITS SDC directly overcomes the security limitations that traditional cameras face.

  • All-scenario synergy

    • Eco-Cube camera, ensuring stable video transmission in challenging environments.  Online algorithm loading and continuous iteration.
  • Always-On Intelligence

    • SuperColor, delivering full-color images in low light conditions without light pollution.
    • AI super-low light checkpoint camera, performing intelligent light compensation without flare flashes.
    • Dual-lens cube camera, providing 24/7 omni-data structuring.
  • Multi-dimensional awareness

    • 1 + N, allowing one intelligent camera to share computing power with N generic cameras.
    • Dual-lens PTZ dome camera, capturing both panoramic and close-up images.


Content Source: https://holowits.com/what-is-a-software-defined-camera

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