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Products & Services

Empowered by Innovations

“ We empower our partners by making Technology work “

Video Intelligence

Gain valuable insights from unstructured video data analysis with AI.

Surveillance Systems

Innovative surveillance system. Let our surveillance products capture the details that you need in the ever-changing world.

Network Essentials

Experience our IT and Network products, creating value through true convergence.

Video Management System

Sophisticated surveillance systems to satisfy all security and infrastructure management requirements across a wide variety of market sectors.

Compute & Storage Systems

IT architecture building blocks to create reliable platforms and storage to let your system scale at ease.

Access Control Systems

Give access to authorized people to keep your business safe. 

Intrusion Detection System

Alerts you to keep your home or business safe.


“Let’s talk success”

When putting solutions together, most companies are concerned about getting a competent supplier. We have built our team to support them in all aspect so they can grow with peace of mind.

Electrical Inspectors
Our Services

Helps you create a comprehensive plan from deployment to maintaining the system in its most optimum level.

Provides you with added protection to your current vendor support in terms of helpdesk access and product maintenance.

Solution Story

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Elevated Body Temperature Detection System

Non-Invasive , non-contact rapid temperature screening. Coupled with Artificial Intelligence and Facial Recognition Technology

Image by United Nations COVID-19 Respons

Contact Tracing

Forensically review video to identify individuals who were in proximity to another individual for a determined duration of time. Proximity Identification with Artificial Identification

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Experience more than just transactions.

Let us show you.

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