Smart Wireless Security System, Outdoor Security – MotionCam Outdoor

Wireless outdoor motion detector with anti-masking and pet immunity

The first line of defence for home and business

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MotionCam Outdoor PhOD

  • Wireless outdoor motion detector that takes photos by alarm and on demand
  • Lightning-fast alarms. Verified.

MotionCam Outdoor

  • MotionCam Outdoor is also available without the Photo on Demand feature – the detector takes a photo only when detecting an intrusion.
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Correlation Analysis
Whenever MotionСamOutdoor detects motion, LISA analyses and compares signal forms from two sensors in real time. If forms are similar, the alarm is activated.

Spectral Analysis
When both sensors detect motion, but the correlational analysis doesn’t identify enough similarities, LISA compares frequency components in the signals of both sensors.

Only with Ajax - Unique wireless technologies
Detector uses two radio protocols at a time: Jeweller for alarm notification and Wings for photo transmission. Jeweller provides instant alarm delivery, and Wings will deliver the first photo from the scene in 9 seconds. Even with communication interruptions and a weak signal. Thanks to the range of communication with an Ajax hub of up to 1,700 meters, the detector is easy to install where it will be most effective.

  • Installation range up to 1,700 m
  • Photo delivery in less than 9 seconds
  • Two-way encrypted communication
  • MotionCam Outdoor resists the heat up to +60°С and withstand the cold down to −25°С. And to protect the sensors of the anti-masking system from rain and snow, we included a special hood
  • Only with Ajax
  • Effective security in any weather

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Advantages of photo verification

Territory under surveillance
In case of any doubts, system users can check what is happening at the facility. No need to wait for an alarm. Just open the app, select the detector, and you'll see the situation in the yard in a few seconds

Less reasons to worry
Outdoor motion detectors operate in a complex environment full of natural sources of false alarms. MotionCam Outdoor allows system users and monitoring station operators to see in seconds whether the alarm is real, so they can respond accordingly.

More security
Both system users and the rapid response unit must have a clear understanding of what is happening at the facility where the security alarm was triggered. The detector will show how many criminals are still on the approaches to the premises and whether they are armed. This will help a security patrol to prepare and users can avoid danger.

Evidence in a smartphone
A series of animated photos in the app allows conveying the peculiar features of burglars to law enforcement without wasting time. Thanks to the infrared backlight, the detector spots them even in complete darkness. The chances of catching criminals on the spot increase