Smart Wireless Security System, Automation – Socket (Type G)

Wireless smart plug with energy monitor

Identifies power vampires
Socket informs you about the most power consuming devices. As soon as an appliance starts consuming electricity, Socket’s LED changes colour in real time.

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Wireless smart plug with energy monitor


Complies with electrical safety standards
Socket complies with the standards for electrical appliances ensuring your safety. Each smart plug is fully tested: quality of materials, the effect of high temperatures, and ability to work for a long time under load.


Protects your curious little ones
Special shutters inside the Socket protect your children and prevent them from inserting screwdrivers, scissors, or hairpins. They also protect from dust and splashes.


Video :   https://ajax.systems/wp-content/themes/ajax/assets/images/template/scenarios/video/M-en.mp4

The device connects to the 230 V AC source and closes/opens the circuit on command. The smart plug can handle loads of up to 3 kW, which is enough to connect very power-hungry devices.

  • Operates in bistable or pulse modes
  • Protects devices against overcurrent and voltage surges

Always in touch
We developed the Jeweller radio protocol to ensure uninterrupted interaction of all security system devices. The radio protocol uses frames to synchronize device communication, authentication to prevent forgery, and encryption to protect against hacking.

Two-way communication at a distance of 1100 meters

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Home and office automation

Use scenarios to make life safer and more comfortable. Set your office lights to turn off automatically on arming, program your projectors to turn on when outdoor motion detectors identify intruders, or turn on your toaster at a certain time in the morning.