June 20, 2023
Outdoor Ready Dome with 360° panoramic view ideal for onboard surveillance camera

Axis Communications announces a 6 MP panoramic mini dome specifically designed for onboard surveillance. This compact, easy-to-install camera delivers a complete 180° or 360° overview regardless of light conditions.


Outdoor Ready Dome with 360° Panoramic View for Onboard Surveillance Camera

AXIS M3057-PLR Mk II complies with transportation industry standards including EN50155 and EN45545-2. This ruggedized IK10, IP66/67-rated camera can withstand harsh environments. Ideal for installation in trains and buses, it features an M12 connector to withstand vibrations.

With 360° wide area coverage, this mini dome uses one video stream to produce any dewarped views needed and it can stream panorama, quad, corner, and corridor views directly from the camera. Additionally, it’s possible to digitally pan, tilt, and zoom in on areas of interest in up to four areas simultaneously. Plus, thanks to Lightfinder, Forensic WDR, and OptimizedIR, it ensures great image quality under any light conditions.

Key features include:

  • Complete 180° and 360° overview
  • Optimized for transportation industry
  • Forensic WDR, Lightfinder, OptimizedIR
  • Factory-focused with digital roll
  • Built-in cybersecurity features

This cost-effective product includes built-in cybersecurity functionality to prevent unauthorized access and safeguard your system. For instance, Axis Edge Vault protects the Axis device ID and simplifies the authorization of Axis devices on the network. Furthermore, Axis Zip stream with support for H.264 and H.265 video compression significantly reduces bandwidth and storage requirements.

Content Source: https://www.axis.com/en-sg/newsroom/news/dome-panoramic-onboard


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