Network Solutions

Headquartered in Singapore, D-Ron provides IT network solutions tailored to support video surveillance systems. With a deep expertise in networking technology and a keen understanding of its critical role in modern security systems, we offer practical, reliable solutions to ensure the seamless operation of your video surveillance infrastructure.

Our team of experienced professionals specialises in designing, implementing, and maintaining IT networks optimised for video surveillance applications. We recognise the importance of a stable and high-performance network in ensuring surveillance cameras effectively capture and transmit data.

Fortify your surveillance solutions with essential IT network solutions, including:

  • Network Essentials
  • Compute & Storage Systems
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply

Network Essentials

Network switches are essential components of a robust and reliable network for a video surveillance system, ensuring seamless communication between cameras, recorders, and other devices.

Connecting devices within your facility is now easy with our state-of-the-art network switches, designed to provide end-to-end connectivity and an optimal user experience.

Upgrade your digital infrastructure today and take your network to the next level.

Brands of Network Switches & Essentials

Compute & Storage Systems

Compute and storage systems play a pivotal role in the functionality and effectiveness of video surveillance systems.

These two components are the backbone of any surveillance infrastructure, providing essential capabilities for capturing, processing, and storing video data.

Compute systems are responsible for video analysis, motion detection, and facial recognition tasks. They process the raw video feeds from cameras, enabling real-time monitoring and generating alerts when unusual activities are detected. Compute systems are also instrumental in managing multiple camera feeds simultaneously and can optimise video compression for efficient storage.

On the other hand, storage systems are responsible for storing the vast amounts of video data generated by surveillance cameras. They ensure that recorded footage is readily accessible for review, analysis, and legal purposes. Redundancy and data protection mechanisms are implemented to prevent data loss.

Brands of Compute & Storage Systems

Uninterruptible Power Supply Solution

The uninterrupted operation of critical equipment, IT infrastructure, and video surveillance systems is essential for maintaining the integrity and security of businesses and facilities.

Our uninterruptible power supply solution protects against power disruptions, ensuring uninterrupted performance for mission-critical servers, data storage systems, or video surveillance networks.

Brand of Uninterruptible Power Supply