September 23, 2022
Improve Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Therapy with Video Intelligence

Improving Care for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

The Challenge: Detecting changes in behaviour patterns

SESOBEL in Lebanon has adopted a standardized treatment protocol for more than 70 children with ASD. The protocol requires a weekly assessment to evaluate treatment outcomes. The evaluation method involves the opinion of at least two people, usually from medical or educational teams, who know the child’s abilities. Children are observed individually or in small groups.

This procedure was time-consuming and was not useful in detecting slight changes in the children’s behaviour or distinguishing between different behavior patterns. During traditional therapy sessions, the SESOBEL team had to have a camera and a video operator in the therapy room, which distracted the children.

The treatment session’s outcome was usually documented manually on hard copies and stored in the child’s folder, while the recorded videos were difficult to manage and often not saved correctly. This made analysing the data a daunting challenge.

The Solution: Logging behaviours directly on the video timeline

The new rehabilitation centre at SESOBEL is the first of its kind in the Middle East and equipped with a state-of-the-art behaviour monitoring and logging system. The project was initiated by Systeminence in collaboration with Axis Communications and Milestone Systems to aid evaluations and enhance treatment.

A behaviour management system called Mantis has been installed – a Milestone smart client plugin developed by Systeminence to manage and operate behavioural therapy sessions and to organize data. The project focuses on enhancing the classroom experience of children with ASD by recording their behaviour and expressions with Axis cameras installed inside the therapy room or the classroom. With Milestone’s XProtect Smart Client, the operator can manage the cameras from the control room without distracting the child or interrupting the therapy session.

During or after each session, the therapist can log behaviours directly on the video timeline inside the Smart Client, making all the behavioural details easily accessible, searchable, and quantifiable. All data concerning the treatment goals and outcomes is stored in one place and accessed remotely.


The results:
Data from videos becomes more useful for treatment

Using this video recording system, therapists are able to set up an individualized treatment plan for each child. The project provides the medical and educational team with accurate quantitative data to help in ASD diagnosis, define specific goals, and evaluate treatment outcomes.

Over time, the therapists can accurately track the children’s progress by studying their behavior through recorded videos. An analysis can also be generated, making clinical interpretation easier and more accurate. Moreover, the quantification of all this data will allow the medical team to carry out research studies that will enable them to better assess and treat children with ASD.

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