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360° Neckband Camera


Dashcam Mode

  • Single camera for Zoom/Teams video call 

  • Video Resolution:

    • Single Camera Mode: Max 2400x2400 @ 30FPS

  • Operating Time:

    • ​137 mins for 3840x2160 @ 24FPS

    • 144 mins for 1920x1080 @ 15FPS

  • No Stitching (Uses back camera only)

  • 360° view with 3 channel cameras

  • ​Video Resolution:

    • Multi Camera Mode (Side by Side): Max 17.2MP (7200 x 2400)

  • Operating Time:

    • 97 mins for 3840x1280 @ 30FPS​

    • 140 mins for 2160x720 @ 24FPS

  • No Stitching, so that the left, right, front and rear area can be seen.

  • Uses FITT360 PB Mobile App (Android/iOS)

4K 360° VR Mode

  • Able to live stream on YouTube or Facebook with the 3 cameras

  • Video Resolution:

    • Multi Camera Mode (Stitching): Max 3840x1920 @ 30FPS

  • Operating Time:

    • 20 mins for 3840x1920 @ 30FPS

    • 98 mins for 3840x1920 @ 15FPS

  • Auto Stitching of the 3 cameras' footages together 

HD Video Call Mode

  • Uses FITT360 Mobile App (Android/iOS)


FITT360 Datasheet

FITT360 PB Datasheet

FITT360 Videos

English Version

Chinese Version


They are both wearable camera, meaning both your hands will be free.

Both devices have 3 cameras each, 2 cameras at the front and 1 camera at the back.

360° Body-Worn Neckband Type Dashcam

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