Fever Detection System

As the concern of Covid 19 raises across all fronts. D-Ron stays committed in maintaining our operation and delivering critical detection products to our customers. Using thermal and artificial intelligence to deliver a fever detection system for operators with temperature overview of incoming visitors and allow early detection.

The AI engine within the camera , detects the face and extract the temperature within the expose skin and pair it with the video captured from the visible camera which will go through the Artificial Intelligence Engine within the NVR for face matching (Facial Recognition).

The system will allow 2 type of abnormalities to be detected
1. High temperature with threshold set by the operator.
2. Mask wearing , the system is able to detect Non-wearing of Mask and sound an alert.

Benefits of the System

  • Accurate temperature measurement, safe and effective

  • Non-Contact Screening , Fast pass

  • Multi-person measurement, efficient access

  • Visual Abnormal Alert to facilitate back tracking

  • Non-Mask detection for intelligent control

How it works

5 Steps to a Successful Implementation

​Please contact us, if you are interested to find out more or even to conduct a proof of concept at your premises. Our committed team will be glad to assist you.



Click HERE for a short video clip on the solution.

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