Contact Tracing with BriefCam Video Content Analytics

As the concern of Covid 19 raises across all fronts. D-Ron stays committed to maintaining our operation and delivering critical detection products to our customers.


Real-time, relevant situational awareness maximizes video surveillance and enables monitoring staff to use the feeds and data more effectively and – ultimately – predictively.

Benefits of the System

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  • Enforce Social Distancing

  • Efficient Contact Tracing

  • Reduce Bottlenecks

  • Identify Crowding Hotspots and Trends

How it works

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Step-by-step guide for contact tracing with Video Content Analytics

  1. Medical Testing: Confirm individual has contracted the virus.

  2. Digital Imaging: Add individual to the video content analytics platform for rapid video filtering based on face recognition.

  3. Tracking: Identify appearances of the individual across cameras in an environment.

  4. Contact Tracing: Pinpoint the people with whom the infected individual came into contact throughout the video duration.

  5. Guidance: Direct at at-risk individuals who came in contact with the individual to self-isolate.


5 Steps to a Successful Implementation

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