February 22, 2023
Empowering Business with Automation

Empowering Business with Automation: Solving Workforce Challenges in Healthcare & Retail

The healthcare and retail industries are facing a major challenge: manpower shortages.  With the increasing demand for healthcare services and the growing number of retail businesses, there is a growing need for more workers.    However, finding enough qualified and motivated employees is becoming increasingly difficult. This is where cutting-edge technology can play a critical role.

Protect Patients from falls, accidents, and injuries content:

Digitalize the healthcare sector with ethical video analytics solutions. Camera surveillance can help health care providers to assist patients in their homes, bringing important incidents such as fire, falls, and intrusions to notice instantly.


While Protecting Personal Privacy

Choose to detect suspicious activity rather than exposing personal identity. Many of our installations use our patented anonymization technology to make identification impossible. This function is particularly suitable for sensitive installations such as cities, schools, health providers and other public places.


Bring In Customers. Keep Out Crime

Axis network video solutions can help reduce theft and fraud, and act as a deterrent to protect customers and staff from violence.   But it doesn’t end there. By combining our hardware with video analytics, you’ll find ways to reduce queuing times, perfect your store layout  allocate staff efficiently, and, ultimately, increase profits.

You can even use your surveillance equipment as a tool for creating a welcoming environment to attract visitors and inspire employees.  By combining  your Axis hardware with third-party applications from our partners, you can improve security, reduce shrinkage and increase operational efficiency even further.


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About D-Ron

We realise how important it is for organisations or private residentials to protect themselves against theft, losses, accidents, and more. That’s where we come up with our security solutions, which empower them with higher protection.

By collaborating with remarkable brands, we’re able to provide beyond-ordinary surveillance solutions. Thanks to smart algorithms, organisations or private residentials can immediately take action in the case of threats or accidents in their areas.

Lastly, knowing everyone has unique security needs, we offer a personalised approach to each client. Request a demo and see what D-Ron can offer you with.

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There are different types of business automation, yet all of them strive for the same goal: to reduce human errors induced by heavy manual work.

In the following are some of the solutions that help enterprises automate their business processes:

  • Video intelligence
  • Surveillance system
  • Compute and storage system
  • Access control system
  • Intrusion detection system

Business automation comes in a variety of functionality that helps enterprises reduce manual work and move forwards a streamlined internal workflow. That includes:

  • Automatic security monitoring
  • Automatic entrances control
  • Automatic network traffic monitoring
  • Automatic backup and recovery
  • Automatic alert of potential cyber breaches
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