We all know and appreciate that being Green is a social responsibility, something that we owe to ourselves, our children and our community. But something that not everybody knows is that this responsibility need not come at the cost of our comfort, nor at the expense of our time or the efficient management of our business.

At D-Ron, we offer a range of services such as efficient office management, lighting management, variable speed drives for air-conditioning, electrical load management and others that can be designed to reduce your overall energy cost, increase your profitability, and improve your Green contribution without no impact at all your comfort or your convenience.

Energy is the hospitality (hotel / motel / lodging) industry’s second-greatest operating cost, with the biggest consumer being heating, cooling and lighting.

The art and science of Energy Management refers to reducing your energy consumption, bringing down your utilities bill and reducing your carbon footprint without impacting you, or your clients’ comfort, convenience or wellbeing.

Energy management solutions offer financially significant energy savings and an enhanced guest experience while reducing your property’s carbon footprint. Whether the price is rising, staying flat or decreasing, the impact on financial statements is always noticeable. While energy cost-cutting is imperative, there is an acute need by hotels to temper cost-cutting efforts with the desire to accommodate and delight its guests.

INNCOM is one of Europe’s leading brands in Energy Management Solutions – specialising in the reduction of energy consumption in the lodging and hotel industries.

An INNCOM Energy Management Solution can range from cost effective, standalone solutions to advanced, centrally-controlled systems that include FCU controls, Lighting controls, Drapes / curtain control as well as situation alerts and property data collecting and reporting.

An INNCOM solution also offers you the ability to have “pre-set” moods for welcoming your guests to their rooms, or for a range of other moods depending upon what you wish to convey to your guests.

Properly installed and maintained, INNCOM Energy Management System does more than the obvious by saving you money on energy costs. The state of the art energy management system enhances the image of the hotel and the comfort of the guest. It will make you hotel a more welcoming environment for your guest, while at the same time saving you money on your energy costs, and improving your return on investment.

– Lower Operating Costs

Savings begin almost immediately, resulting in a relatively fast return on investment. The concept is simple – reduce consumption and you reduce spending.

– Extended Equipment Life

Equipment that is not constantly running (and that operates efficiently when it does) lasts longer than equipment that is “used and abused”.

– More Efficient Staff

The automated INCOMM Housekeeping does not need to waste time turning off lights and setting back thermostats. If maintenance alerts are included in a centrally controlled system, engineering will be alerted of equipment failures and be able to respond to issues before complaints are made.

You also have the option and convenience of setting “room moods” with different lighting schemes and settings from a central location.

– Guest Satisfaction

Guests are greeted with a comfortable room temperature and have precise control of the

room climate during their stay. A centrally controlled system that offers additional guest-centric options – such as Do-Not-Disturb/Make-Up-Room requests, lighting controls, etc. – can impress them even more. This means even luxury hotels can pamper while being eco-friendly.

– Green Image

There is an ever-growing number of consumers who care about the environment, both at

home and while on travel. Many of these travellers are admittedly willing to pay more for eco-friendly services. As a green hotel, you are doing the Right Thing. Do it ahead of government regulation and customers are even more impressed. Better still, the “feel good” mentality extends to employees, as well.

When it comes to controlling the heating / cooling and lighting costs of a guestroom, the Department of Energy has the following recommendations:

  • Install programmable thermostats that monitor room occupancy and automatically adjust the temperature when guests enter or exit.
  • Save on utility bills and maintenance costs by installing centralized energy management systems.
  • Save on lighting costs with energy-efficient lighting and occupancy sensors.
  • Educate cleaning and maintenance staff to turn off lights and adjust thermostats.
  • Implement preventive maintenance programs

INNCOM’s commitment to the environment extends beyond the end-user energy-saving capabilities of our products.

We are against the use of hazardous materials and processes in the manufacture of our components and finished products.

All INNCOM products are manufactured RoHS compliant. The RoHS Directive stands for “the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.” The Directive bans more than agreed levels of –

  • Cadmium
  • Hexavalent Chromium
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Polybrominated Biphenyl (PBB)
  • Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether (PBDE)

INNCOM’s manufacturing partners are also ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems certified, meaning they adhere to standards intended to protect the environment.

INNCOM has been finding ways to make rooms “smarter” for more than two decades. So we’ve developed quite an extensive knowledge base over the years. Our Professional Services let you tap into that expertise, whatever your role may be, whether you need consulting, training or support.

  • Architect
  • Builder
  • Designer
  • Engineer
  • Facilities Manager
  • Maintenance
  • Property Owner