IP surveillance is a digitized and networked version of closed-circuit television (CCTV). In an IP surveillance system, an IP camera records video footage and the resulting content is distributed over an IP (Internet protocol) network.

D-RON are focused into the promoting of IP surveillance and moving physical security into the next era.

A Video Management System manages, access and controls the video surveillance environment, In D-RON, we are focused in promoting open platform VMS, Milestone system.

IP CCTV cameras are a new range of cameras, which offer high quality images over computer type networks. You can record on a local computer or over the internet to a remote location. This allows for high quality 24 hour recording and permanent archiving of all content.

You are also able to quickly retrieve surveillance footage, view and share surveillance content easily and accurately in the case of a security incident. The quality of IP Cameras is also high, and you have easy management over changing locations and viewing angles.

According to WikiDefinitions: Video content analysis (also Video content analytics, or VCA) is the capability of automatically analyzing video to detect and determine temporal events not based on a single image. As such, it can be seen as the automated equivalent of the biological visual cortex (the part of the brain that analyses visual information)

In layman’s terms – VCA works like a human “monitoring” the video, it can tell you when things happen, or when pre-determined events / situations occur. This can give you valuable management data automatically – without the need to review hours and hours of security footage taking notes.

VCA also has the ability to alert you when “something of interest” happens – it is often more accurate than having a security operator, and can be much more cost effective than having paid security operators monitoring multiple security camera feeds.

Yes , at D-RON, we welcome all sales enquiries and will divert the sales requirement to our system integrator whom will assist the end users in providing a more holistic approach in the design of the end user system. Our manufacturering partners have a channel partner sales structure where sales will flow from the manufacturer to us, the distributor to the system integrator to the end user.

VAD stands for Value Added Distributor, D-RON Singapore Pte Ltd evolved over the years to not only provide distribution channels to our resellers and system integrators but also to provide technical solution and design and ensuring a well delivered final product/solution to our end users.

D-RON Singapore Pte Ltd is proud that we have our in-house Milestone Professional Trainer, whom are able to provide Milestone certified training for resellers, system integrators and end users, The training will include the highlights of Milestone system in general and also the technical installation portion of Milestone system software up to XProtect Professional.

D-RON Singapore Pte Ltd provides system design base on end user requirements and will assist end users with the updates in terms of technology. System integrators will be equipped with the same capability through Milestone certification training and will also be assisted by D-RON during the designing phase of the project.

D-RON Singapore Pte Ltd are proud to be the authorised distributor for:

  1. AXIS Communications
  2. Milestone System
  3. Sony Security
  4. Brickcom
  5. Promise Technology Storage
  6. Ipsotek Video Content Analytics

All interested resellers and system integrator may approach our sales personnel directly or send us a email at sales@d-ron.com , and we will respond as soon as possible.

D-RON have distribution arms in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore which evolve around the same business culture as Singapore providing physical security and managed services.

All our products are on channel partner program where different discount are spelt out based on the commitment level of the system integrator. Please do let us know about the project in details, so that we can assist you in providing you the best value for money solution.

D-RON was founded in 2004 and later ventured into physical security primary in IP system in year 2007 which brings our experience in video surveillance to 7 years.

In D-RON’s physical security team, we have a total of 15 personnel which are spread between sales and technical. All of D-Ron’s engineers are “Milestone Advance” certified and will be able to cater to integrator requirement.

Yes, D-RON will assist system integrators to provide operator training to the end user and ensuring that system are well handled and maintained. We also provide detailed instruction manuals, and are able to offer retraining as staff change and the structure of your security department evolves over time

Yes, D-RON offers credit terms to our resellers and system integrators, please approach our sales staff or send us an email at sales@d-ron.com to enquire.

Please note, that the purchase of software and systems that improve efficiency will also qualify for either iSprint (70%) or PIC (60%) grants.

Milestone solution partners are companies designing solution evolving around the eco-system of Milestone system which includes video analytics, access control system etc

D-RON Singapore Pte Ltd are housed with a demo room equipped with the relevant products for demos. Our sales and pre-sales are also able to bring the demo to the clients or the system integrators as most of the demo units are portable and can dismantled from the demo room.

D-RON Singapore Pte Ltd are located at 67 Ubi Crescent, Technique Centre

  1.  #06-07 – Management and sales office (Physical Security Office)
  2. #06-08 – Managed Services operation office
  3. #06-01 – Business development and engineering staging office

We welcome all registration of opportunity, please send all enquiries to the sales personnel or send us an email at sales@d-ron.com to enquire