No, functionality of equipment will not be impaired or performance specifications compromised. If D-Ron considers that the item of equipment cannot be restored to pre-incident condition, we will make the appropriate recommendations that replacement should be considered. D-Ron will only recommend restoration in situations where a detailed technical assessment has verified that the equipment can be returned to pre-incident condition, in terms of functionality, reliability and life span.

Providing that the equipment was not electrically energized at the time of water ingress and that the equipment has not subsequently been energized whilst water is present, then no electrical short circuit damage could possibly have occurred.

D-Ron is totally committed to providing a rapid response with a 24hr response service offered. Time frames for recovery are typically less than 25% of that required, for the procurement timeframes for new equipment.

Reliability of equipment will not normally be affected provided that specialist recovery company is engaged to undertake restoration. D-Ron has a wealth of experience gained with both personnel and documented evidence over 20 year period that recovery of equipment has been undertaken as a serious option.

The vast majority of equipment manufacturers will admit to having little or no experience in the field of recovery of technical equipment, following contamination by fire, water, dust or chemical spills. Where manufacturers are prepared to undertake restoration they will usually attempt to repair equipment by replacing relatively expensive major subassemblies that could otherwise be decontaminated. This alternative approach invariably results in a significantly higher recovery cost and risk, due to the residual contamination still present on components not replaced, combined with longer period of business interruption being experienced whilst waiting for replacement subassemblies.

D-Ron provides as standard a 12 month comprehensive warranty on any work undertaken. Over and above this standard warranty, D-Ron can provide any additional and reasonable degree of warranty cover that might be requested, or maintenance support for a minimal additional fee.