Servers & Storage

Successful data storage management uses a comprehensive suite of tools to configure, provision, archive and report storage activities, according to a well-defined set of management policies or processes. The tools and the processes must work together — the best tools are useless if they’re applied inconsistently, and the most refined policies cannot be implemented without capable tools.


Video surveillance storage requirements can vary significantly, especially in highly distributed environments. The smallest installations can be satisfied by internal server storage or by lower capacity arrays. Larger centralized installations can benefit from the use of virtualization for consolidated purposes. For large-scale multi-petabyte requirements, performance, scalability and storage density of storage arrays are concerns for video retention.

Block Storage

Flexible and versatile, block storage can be used for almost any kind of application like file storage, database storage, virtual machine file system (VFMS) volumes and more. Used for performance-centric applications, block storage are able to meet the constant read/write requirements by surveillance video management software (VMS).

File Storage

Simple to use and implement, file storage system or “Scale Out NAS”  are essential to increase storage capacity for surveillance video retention. Scale Out NAS is able to scale up to serveral petabytes as a single volume. As the capacity of the Scale Out NAS is increases, so does its performance hence they are used when video retention long term archive is needed and large storage capacity for required.

Hyper-coverged Infratstructure

Floor space, compatibility, cooling and power. A Hyper-converged infrastructure approach is to minimize these concerns by offering integrated compute, storage, networking virutalization resources in a single box that is scalable to meet current and future workloads. Hyper converged infrastructure benefits the users by providing pre-integrated, validated and workload-optimized solution all while lowering operating costs, floor space and infrastructure in a single appliance.

Network Video Recorder(NVR) Storage Appliance

Designed for SME surveillance systems applications, the NVR storage appliance is a cost effective storage solution designed to reduce hardware and maintenance costs. Easy to administer & maintain with swappable drive bays and redundant power supplies, it provides the basic needs of a recorder and storage in SME environments.



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