Our Mission


D-RON Success will be built on using our extensive experience, innovation and expertise to create client centric solutions packaging advanced technology into services that addresses client needs. We excel at communicating with our clients, suppliers & staff to build loyalty and strengthen business value in pursuit of achieving corporate distinction


Our Vision


Partnering our customers to build a world class company with global presence by providing business value 



D-RON Singapore Pte Ltd started as a company providing IT solutions, products and services targeted to increase companies overall efficiency and effectiveness.  Since then we have grown to offer a raft of integrated solutions that bring value to our clients.

Since its founding in 2004, D-RON Singapore has remained committed to providing to our clients with the best possible solutions for their businesses and surveillance infrastructure. We provide a wide range of products and services which includes IP surveillance cameras, networking solutions, storage requirements and video management software.


Today, D-Ron’s main customers include SMEs, MNCs, government agencies and statutory boards. Our commitment and competence has been tested and proven with our wide pool of customers & partners.  We have offered high value solutions to some of the best in Singapore, including statutory boards, MNCs, and a broad swathe of the Straits Time Index.


Since starting in Singapore, we have built a network that spans the ASEAN region.  In addition to our head office in Singapore, we offer a comprehensive range of services, from disaster recovery to managed services from offices in Thailand, Taiwan and Malaysia.


We know that a good foundation paves the way for further success. For companies today who are so heavily dependent and enabled by IT, the infrastructure is the first and foremost area that should be taken into consideration.


Our Values

Trustworthy with Integrity – We will be reliable, dependable, and can be counted on to keep promises. We will do what we say we will do within the promise time frame.

Worth of the Individual – We will practice the Golden Rules in decision-making. We will respect human life, dignity and rights of each including health, safety and work environment. We are in business for our people (employees, customers, vendors), not for our own wealth, power, prestige or ego.

Family & Stability in Relationships – The family is the foundation unit of every society. We will respect women as wives, men as husbands, and singles. The family has higher priority than the firm and its profitability; therefore, we will seek to build it up, not tear it down.

Honest & Truthful Communication – We will strive to be genuine, open and above board in all relationships. We will honestly and accurately report the facts.

Responsibility of the Individual As Part of the Team – Each of us will accept individual accountability for how we carry out our responsibilities. We will aim to motivate each other by praise rather than criticism to create an atmosphere of productivity and freedom to admit individual mistakes in order to accomplish team goals.

Balance of Work/Rest – Vacations and breaks will be encouraged so that proper rest, recreation, and reflection will maximize long-term productivity and effectiveness. We believe in working hard, but not necessarily in working unproductive long hours just for the sake of appearance.

Rewarding Productivity – We will seek reward industriousness, innovation, initiative, prudence, and discipline. Our focus is to develop our full potential, the result of which is reaping rewards of our labour.

Everyone Is Accountable to Authority – Any enterprise must have structure and organization. Every person is accountable to a higher authority.

Servant Leaders – Effective leaders will be servants who have attracted a following because of their passion, vision, integrity, and love for people. We will make every effort to develop this kind of leader.

Stewardship – We will strive to use wisely and prudently the resources with which we have entrusted.

Our Committed Team


D-RON Singapore is led by a team of goal-oriented and results-driven senior executives who are committed to growing and elevating the company position in the industry. The company has grown to a total of 60 staff since its founding in 2004


Cordial, dedicated and professional


To provide customers with the most effective solutions amidst the inundating sea of information entails knowledgeable personnel who are able to learn rapidly and discern which are the most optimal and pertinent choices to be made. Consequently, our sales personnel constantly keep abreast with the latest developments in the IT industry through training and development certification programs from our partners.


Smooth operations and reliable services

Our team of dedicated Technical Specialists has over the years acquired valuable experience and knowledge to ensure smooth operations and reliable services. Recognizing the rapid changes that are constantly taking place in the industry today, we have taken steps to ensure that all our Technical Specialists are certified with regular updates and training from our partners.

Some of our Certifications include the following:

    • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)
    • Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP)
    • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
    • IDA’s Telecommunication Wiring Installation Certification
    • IDA’s Customer Premises Cabling Certification
    • Ministry of Education (Spore) Craft Certificate in Motor Vehicle Mechanics
    • City & Guilds of London Institute Full Technological Certificate
    • Institute of Motor Industry of London Certificate
    • Registered Technician Engineer, Council of Engineering Institution (CEI) England
    • British Council / PSC Spore Automotive Technology Scholarship
    • UEI Certificate


Planning, coordination and resource allocation

Behind every successful business, more often than not entails the presence of an excellent operations team. Planning, coordination and resource allocation are critical areas that can make or break a company. Thus, we have a team of highly-resourceful, experienced and creative personnel who manage our day-to-day operations.

Partners & Clients


Over the years D-RON (S) PTE LTD has developed many powerful working relationships with some very exciting and loyal partners. Our customer service, quality products, and support are only part of what has made these relationships grow. We continue to grow business by strengthening and leveraging these partnerships.